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The Stress Mastery Podcast: Living Right with Bill Cortright

Aug 6, 2019

Hello and Welcome to another episode of The Stress Mastery Podcast. This week our topic is “Staying Focused” and today’s Health Huddles we have a special interview with Neerja Ahuja the founder of the Ayurveda Awareness Center in Australia. Neerja introduces us to the ancient wisdom of 40,000-years of Ayurvedic science. The science is of body and mind and is designated to create balance in the individual. Neerja is offering on-line courses to learn more. There are two ways that you can go and see the online course, The Understanding Mind-Body Type. USE Coupon code “wellness” can be used to get 20% off regular price.
or go to
and select online courses from the menu.

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